Welcome to TARA Perfection DOO

Complete solutions to modern Law Enforcement and Military

TARA Perfection DOO became a member of the TARA GROUP, situated in the “Wild Beauty” of Montenegro in 2009 and leads the Small Arms Division of the Concern. Although all processes within the GROUP are strongly related, each section concentrates in special fields to guarantee maximum efficiency and autonomy. Together with Tara Precision Works and Tara Aerospace, the factory can offer complete solutions to modern Law Enforcement and Military customers around the world. The Services of the Group include the production and sale of new products entirely produced in Montenegro, as well as system-upgrades for individual customers and the selection and procurement of related material for our partners.

The development and production of the TM-9 pistol and the TM-4 assault rifle with a polymer lower receiver and a short-stroke piston system are only the first step towards the introduction of a complete and consistent weapon family, comprising all relevant sizes and calibers in the small-arms world. All future developments and product launches shall follow the vision and company philosophy of employing latest technologies and best materials only to provide new technical solutions to professional users.

TM-9 Pistol

The TARA TM-9 pistol combines the latest developments and features of cutting edge firearm technology not only with regards to quality standards, precision and durability but also considering the strictest safety requirements. » more...

TM-4 Assault Rifle

The TARA TM-4 assault rifle represents the ultimate evolution of the battle proven M16 Rifle design for the 21st Century. Without compromises, Tara Perfection has eliminated the weaknesses of the open gas system by designing a highly reliable and adjustable short stroke piston system, a revolutionary steel reinforced high strength polymer lower receiver with fully ambidextrous magazine release and fire selector lever. » more...